This was a joint venture of Australian Government and DAC and about 2000 out of school children were enrolled in Tehsil Ghazi of District Haripur and Tehsil Charsadda.

Article 25 A of the Constitution provides for free and compulsory education up to age 16. Under 18th Amendment, provinces have enacted legislations of free and compulsory education, called Right to Education Act (RTE), however, girls education is still not a priority in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province due to local customs and traditions, wide spread poverty, issues of access, lack of awareness and above all the evident threat by the extremists. According to a report, more than 900 schools have been blown up in the province out of which 65% were girls’ schools. Teachers were threatened to shut down schools and parents were terrorized not to send their daughters to schools. As a result, education indicators of the province are very low. Just 45% girls are able to complete primary education cycle and the rest dropout from the school.


There is a need to create awareness amongst the School Management Committees, known as Parent Teacher Councils (PTCs) to operate in their respective communities as per Article 25A of the Constitution and to convince parents to enrol their daughters in schools and allow them to complete education. Head teachers and women councillors are the major stakeholders of PTCs as per PTC Guide 2007. In the recent local government elections, nearly 7,000 women village councillors have been directly elected for the 3500 village/neighbourhood councils in the province. However, they are not aware of their roles in improving education system and have not been trained in PTC, RTE and local government system as a result they are not performing their duties. Similarly, the head teachers are not discharging their responsibilities due to lack of influence in their community. Creating synergies between the women councillors and head teachers of government girls’ primary schools will motivate the community to send their daughters to schools to avail their basic right.

For this purpose, the women councillors (member PTC) of two sub districts/tehsils and head teachers of government girls’ primary schools (Secretary PTC), will be trained. In these districts 43% school age girls (5-16) are out of school coupled with high drop outs due to fear of extremist attacks on girls’ schools and other factors enumerated above. The women councillors and female head teachers will be trained in three areas: a) their role under the local government system, b) provisions of free & compulsory education Act and c) provisions of role of PTCs under the free and compulsory education Act.

Key Objectives:

  1. Effective role of Women Councilors in mobilizing community to enroll girls;
  2. Implementation of the  “Right to free & compulsory Education” (RTE) Act for girls;
  3. Participation of parents especially mothers in management of schools;
  4. Increased monitoring by women councillors;
  5. Removal of Gender Disparities through encouraging parents to send their daughters to schools;
  6. Improved teachers’ and students’ attendance;
  7. Reduce dropout;
  8. Women empowerment and economic independence;
  9. Improvement in the existing conditions of the school.