Development Agent of Change (DAC) is a non-for-profit and non-political Organization (investing donations, grants & savings in human development) working for social welfare & human development and inclusive up-lifting of the living standards of communities, without any discrimination of caste, race, color and religion.

A bunch of experts in social, economic, education, local government, public policy, public finance & gender mainstreaming are associated with the Organization. Many senior retired and serving civil servants are also on the panel of DAC, who provide expert services voluntarily and on need basis.  

Aims & Objectives of the Organization.

DAC is working for:

  1. Development of communities
  2. Inclusive Education
  3. Poverty alleviation
  4. Peace keeping
  5. Gender issues & Women empowerment.
  6. Rehabilitation of Addicts & Disables 
  7. Child Protection
  8. Preventive Health services.
  9. Health Hygiene and sanitation.
  10. Local Governments & Rural Development
  11. Environment & conservation
  12. Consumer Rights
  13. Population Welfare (Family Planning).
  14. Public Finance
  15. Governance & Public Policy